I need to compile some research. I need to do this right.


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Twitter Updates

  • Adopt a dog. Someone else will buy the purebreds. #nationalmuttday https://t.co/veuOqB4vTg 2 weeks ago
  • I think banning trans folks from the military is great. Hopefully they ban everyone from becoming a trained murderer soon. 3 weeks ago
  • @Nadineisqueen this is where chad shank is throwing her out in my imagination... 4 weeks ago
  • Anyone else wondering if McCain's brain cancer is an attempt to retcon being an utter piece of shit for years? 1 month ago
  • Decided to give the new ghostbusters a watch. It's so much worse than everyone described. Everyone who participated in this is a bad person 1 month ago
  • RT @adamjohnsonNYC: Holy shit that's bad. twitter.com/RaniaKhalek/st… 1 month ago
  • Finally finishing watching American Gods. No idea how they made such a good story so boring. Oh yeah. LAURA LAURA LAURA LAURA LAURA LAURA 1 month ago
  • I forgot how to twitter and read the replies to a sportswriter's tweet. Now I have the IQ of broccoli. 1 month ago
  • @paypal. Impossible to make payments. Impossible to delete your account. Impossible to unsubscribe from emails. Fuck you @paypal 1 month ago
  • The same fucking CNN state sponsored horseshit masquerading as left leaning intellectualism. 1 month ago
  • Jeff Goldberg. David Frum. Nuff said. 1 month ago
  • They can't give away subscriptions anymore bc it's gotten so bad. Email excerpts of articles meant to whet the appetite turn my stomach. 1 month ago
  • Sad to cut all ties w @TheAtlantic today. Used to have such great journalism. Now it beats the war drum and prattles about pop culture. 1 month ago
  • Finally watching the most recent season of walking dead. Insufferable # of commercials even w DVR. @amc broke this show. 2 months ago
  • Not really one to give a shit about celebrity deaths, but Adam West is a huge bummer. Batman TV show was my favorite when I was little. 2 months ago
  • RT @IntheNow_tweet: Saudi Arabia ditching Qatar over terrorism is like McDonalds accusing Burger King of selling junk food @AnissaNow htt… 2 months ago
  • RT @roqchams: Every American liberal on Twitter atm: how can I make the #GE2017 about me, and Hillary Clinton 2 months ago
  • @YourAnonNews pretty sure "on Election Day" is an unnecessary qualifier here... 2 months ago
  • RT @justinamash: These arms sales extend a reckless policy from the Obama admin and come at a time when the Saudi govt is escalating a grue… 2 months ago
  • Cable trying to steal net neutrality again. Go here. battleforthenet.com. Sign a thing. Maybe call some senator types. 2 months ago

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