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  • @nron10 honestly, there is where I usually make a joke about narcotics usage, but dude doesn't even drink. Dude's just a shitbag. 3 hours ago
  • RT @ggreenwald: This is clearly one of biggest dangers of Trump presidency. Unfortunately, there's long-standing machinery/framework in pla… 4 days ago
  • RT @onekade: This is the kind of scheming and plotting we told you about. Hillary did not win fair and square. Sorry twitter.com/benspielberg/s… 6 days ago
  • @joesmith628 as long as they're looking at things that don't work, last I heard the f-35 still couldn't make right turns... 1 week ago
  • @joesmith628 farts = overpayment 2 weeks ago
  • @joesmith628 It worked out so well last time you guys got a broncos qb... 2 weeks ago
  • @joesmith628 yeah I do. More spread out. Less humid. Only thing I ever loved about nj was hating nj haha 2 weeks ago
  • @joesmith628 yeah just under a year ago. I don't announce more personal shit than I have to on here haha 2 weeks ago
  • @joesmith628 np man. Reasonable discourse is in such short supply these days. Btw I'd come down but it's a long drive from MA haha. 2 weeks ago
  • @joesmith628 beginning to realize how much of my life I've wasted reading about this horseshit. Gonna go throw rocks at trains now... 2 weeks ago
  • @joesmith628 in the end, this is so complicated bc the govt is propping up an unsustainable market while calling us irresponsible 2 weeks ago
  • @joesmith628 you pay directly for hundreds of services. They stay in business. Med insurance is preventing competitive pricing tho 2 weeks ago
  • @joesmith628 a cocktail of cost regulation and tort reform would resolve all of the above but hurts the bottom line so nobody is talking abt 2 weeks ago
  • @joesmith628 drs argue billing is so high bc of malpractice insurance costs. There is some truth to that but drs ain't hurting either 2 weeks ago
  • @joesmith628 nah. What I was saying is the actual fix is easy. ACA and whatever replaces it treat the symptoms not the problem 2 weeks ago
  • @joesmith628 insurance actually prevents a truly competitive free market as much as price regulations in this case, to the oppo effect 2 weeks ago
  • @joesmith628 the insurance companies negotiate somewhat but obviously w less leverage than say the entire fucking federal govt 2 weeks ago
  • @joesmith628 Medicare regulates what providers can charge under the auspices that drs shouldn't be gouging the taxpayers that fund MC 2 weeks ago
  • @joesmith628 the existence of insurance allows medical providers to inflate their billing. Regulate billing and you no longer need insurance 2 weeks ago
  • @joesmith628 it's actually not. Regulating healthcare costs a la Medicare would reduce the need to even have insurance. Less profit tho... 2 weeks ago