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  • Due process is the most important of muh freedoms. Without your other rights are dogshit. Keep judging w ltd info tho... 5 days ago
  • Remember when y'all tweeted and retweeted the picture of the dude in Texas WHO KILLED NO ONE AND WAS INNOCENT? You're doing it again. 5 days ago
  • Took time off Twitter while on vacation. The world sucks. Terrorists suck, but so do all you cunts who assume a suspect guilty w/o a trial 5 days ago
  • Have seen 2 ppl use selfie sticks in last 2 days. Did not believe anyone actually used these contraptions. Must all innocence be destroyed? 6 days ago
  • RT @AbbyMartin: US issues biggest military aid package ever to Israel, $38 billion to ensure apartheid & brutal occupation continues https:… 1 week ago
  • Never forget, but remember it ALL. 2 weeks ago
  • Never forget we were raised to love independence and reject fascism and oligarchy, without a caveat for terror. 2 weeks ago
  • Never forget who you were before you had scars, or else you are but the sum total of your wounds. 2 weeks ago
  • Never forget your government has predicated its most sweeping policies and actions on a trauma. 2 weeks ago
  • Never forget that centering your policies and actions around a trauma would make you a damaged person. 2 weeks ago
  • Never forget a bumper sticker, respect for a flag, a patriotic song, or a flyover of a football stadium does not give you moral hi ground. 2 weeks ago
  • Never forget the remaining injustice in this world is ours. We too feeble or lazy to speak or act, we slander the dead daily. 2 weeks ago
  • Never forget your government is our collective fault. 2 weeks ago
  • Never forget your government cares more about a tyrannical ally and potentially opening the door to lawsuits against the US than justice. 2 weeks ago
  • Never forget your government is debating not allowing victims' families to sue the Saudis. 2 weeks ago
  • Never forget that you never ask questions about tower 7. 2 weeks ago
  • Never forget you don't care that your government is still in bed with the Saudi government that funded and executed that attack. 2 weeks ago
  • RT @adamjohnsonNYC: reminder: Bush said Kayne saying he didn't care about black people was the "worst moment of his presidency". And HE WAS… 3 weeks ago
  • RT @paprbckparadise: $2 #books https://t.co/5ZESlwYFsY 3 weeks ago
  • RT @StanleyCohenLaw: Anthony is back with a roar. Enjoy. dissidentvoice.org/2016/08/the-pr… 4 weeks ago